Immersa nella natura a Cefalù

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Villa Mariposa mette a disposizione dei propri ospiti numero siservizi aggiuntivi oltre alla colazione e al pernottamento.

Ecco un veloce elenco di ciò che potrete trovare gratuitamente:

Connessione internet Wi-Fi del Villa Mariposa Cefalù Wi-Fi

If you carry your your smartphone, table or laptop, you can surf on the internet free from your room or in the garden sitting comfortably under the gazebo: just ask for the password !

 Relax sotto al Gazebo Villa Mariposa Cefalù Relax under the gazebo
Cefalù has a warm to hot climate throughout the year. In the warmer summer months, the days are hot but the air is cool and breezy.
After a day visiting the cities of Sicily, there is nothing better than relaxing under our gazebo in the serene garden landscape ?
 Barbecue del Villa Mariposa a Cefalù Barbecue
If, instead of a dinner at one of the many restauants in Cefalù, you just want to enjoy a quiet evening, why not organize a barbecue in our garden?
Villa Mariposa offers its guests a comfortable grill where you can freely cook and grill where you can freely cook and grill all the meat, fish and vegetables you want. We do it very often in the summer.
 Posto Macchina al Villa Mariposa Parking
For guest of the villa there is private parking available. For each room there is remote for the automatic gate in the driveway.
 Sala Lettura del Villa Mariposa Cefalù Reading
Guest are always welcome to borrow the books in our collection during their stay. You wild find books of various kinds(yellow, books of Sicily countryside and farmhouses in general, National photography books) and in various language… try please everyone !

Fare jogging a Cefalù

Cefalù is great and very safe for jogging, especially along the waterfront.


For paid services can help you book:

 Servizio Taxi del Villa Mariposa Cefalù Taxi Service
On request we will be happy to arrange a taxi service to or from the train station Cefalù and/or to the airport Punta Rais Falcone Borsellino in Palermo!
 Uso delle biciclette del Villa Mariposa Cefalù Use of bicycles
Cefalù and especially the coastal area around Our Villa is known to cyclists. Blessed with flat roads, a extraordinary beauty of our land and is a great way to access all the secluded beaches. For more experienced riders is a great solution to enjoy the extraordinary beauty of our land is a great way to access all the secluded beaches. For more experienced riders there are many trails through the Madonie National Park.
* For this you can use the our mountain bikes for your tour: the bikes have an odometer and portable pumps. For the lazy, there are electric bikes available...
Fare kitesurf a Cefalù kitesurf
Near Cefalù there is possibly to go kitesurfing. We can help organize this for you as well.

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