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Villa Mariposa in its entirety offers relaxing corners around the house with woven rattan sofas and colorful fabrics. Near the lake there is an Indonesian day bed to give you a quiet moment to read, have a drink, or relax in the shade of its white curtains… The hot tub will surely have you sparkling under the hot Sicilian sun… Anytime, every time …it will be a unique memory of your holiday in the land of the sun. To forget Cefalù …will not be simple.

Cefalu' forget ... there will not be simple.


The garden of Villa Mariposa is the result of a collection of Mediterranean and tropical plants that coexist and create a small paradise of nature. The trunks of olive trees are intertwined and form twisted figures. Ancient and picturesque palm trees(14 different species) crown the space around the house, letting in pieces of sunlight. A corner of rocky fossilized coral is dedicated a collection of succulents and cacti. The entire property is surrounded by a range of plants including; red pepper, asparagus, pomegranate and various eucalyptus, and the famous dragon trees from the Canary Island. An artificial lake is home to a family of turtles and for the children there are lots of birds and butterflies. The garden was designed and built with love, passion and scrupulous care by Osvaldo Mandelli and during his travels he always brought back with him a corner of the world. 

Breakfast is a really fascinating experience as it can be done in most areas of the villa, always surrounded by nature with birds singing in the shade of an olive tree.

breakfast room of Villa Mariposa Cefalu

Villa Mariposa offers to its guests  a private car park which is located in the property boundary. Outside the gates there is a 10 metre area of private parking. The area is safe and controlled. Cefalù is one of the quietest holiday paradise in Sicily where sea, sun and nature can be enjoyed without any fear.


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